Bus Chal

Chalay ja rahein hai bemanzil

Kahin pe hum , Kahin pe dil

Chalay ja rahein hai bemanzil

Kahin pe hum , Kahin pe dil

Aangan mai rakhi kuchh umeedey

Kahin Ratjagey , Kahin neende

Par rasta keh raha hai

Ki Chal , Bus Chal


Dil Jogiya

Yakeen ko jo mujh mai bun liya

Naya main , mujhi se chun liya

Dil Jogiya 

Rihaa jo hai khud ko  kar liya

Chahat ki raah par , mann chal diyaa

Dil Jogiya

Mujh mai basaa khwaahisho ka ghar mil gaya

Phir se waha arzoo ka dar khul gaya

Nai jaan li ,  pehchan li ,  subah

Mene jaan li ,  mene jaan li ,  dua

Dil Jogiya

Ab mene samjha hai ,  Ab mene jana hai

Ab mene paya hai , Ab mene socha hai

Ab mene dhundha hai , Ab mene chaha hai

Dil Jogiya!!

The Naked Truth


“The truth coming out of the well armed with her whip to chastise mankind”  Famous painting by french artist  “Jean-Léon Gérôme” 1896

According to 19th Century legend:

The Truth and the Lie meet  on the road one day. The Lie says to the Truth: “It’s a marvelous day today”! The Truth looks up to the skies and sighs, for the day was really beautiful.

They walk together for a while, until they reached a beautiful well. The Lie tells the Truth: “The water in the well is very nice, let’s take a swim together!” The Truth, once again suspicious, tests the water and discovers that it indeed, is very nice.

They undress and start the bathe. Suddenly, the Lie jumps out of the well, puts on the clothes of the Truth and runs off towards a nearby village. The furious Truth leaps out of the  well and runs to find the Lie and get her clothes back. The Villagers, seeing the Naked Truth, are horrified and look away with contempt and rage.

The poor Truth returned to the well and disappeared, forever, hiding her shame. And since that day, the Lie travels the world, clothed as The Truth.

The original Naked Truth and Lie story comes from the 19th Century and here we are 200 years later, in a world of multiverses, the possibility that we’re living in a simulation, the concept of multiple timelines, the Mandela Effect and Apotheum. So it makes sense to explore further where the original story might have moved to, as all the characters were set in place at the end. The Truth in the well and the Lie is travelling the world in her garb.

Further: The naked Truth dwells in the well, ashamed at how she was seen and treated by the villagers. But 200 years is a long time to dwell in a well for anything, especially the truth. Surely the truth has a purpose? Hiding in a well isn’t really meaningful and there’s not much entertainment down here, reflected the truth. Maybe, she thought, an up welling is necessary. Because the Lie has traveled the world so long in my garments now everyone has come to believe that it is I who am the liar.  And anyway, it’s so rude of the lie as it should know by now that it couldn’t exist without me, though the truth.

Scenario 1: Truth realizes that the Lie has left it’s garments behind next to the well. The truth knows that in order not to be hated, the only way she can be accepted by the village and the world is to be covered in the garb of the Lie. And to this day, the Truth and the Lie have been indistinguishable to all except those who have seen them unclothed.

Scenario 2: The Truth stays in the well. Sometimes people come to sit by the well knowing that the Truth is in there. If they’re really sincere, the truth will out and talk with them. They’re OK with seeing her naked and she’s OK since they don’t hate her. Many seekers come looking for The Truth but she only sees them one at a time because The Truth is a very personal experience.

Scenario 3: Truth searches and finds the web pages, twitter and Instagram accounts that plainly showed the lie had infected most everyone. There are literally hundreds of billions and billions of lies. Lies everywhere. But from time to time, truth finds allies – they Love the Truth and have created so many stories about her but none of these are trending and, in fact, many of them are being deleted and down-voted and ignored. The truth suddenly, with a great sigh realized that there is a war being conducted on her by the one who took her garments; the Lie himself.

The story of Truth and Lie swimming in the river may answer why we do this to ourselves, but what it doesn’t answer is when and if we will ever learn from it.

Good or Bad?





Some days just start something in you. Since last few days I am trying to put up my feelings on paper or this lappy but I am unable to. There are days when you are just blank. You don’t even know yourself what you are thinking. Then you start analyzing recent events. A tug of war starts in your mind and heart. You start to think what happened, why happened , why this way happened. Was I right? Was I wrong?

In these situations a very common thing comes in our mind. In fact that’s what I always thought :  “Whatever happens, Happens for good”

But how accurate is it? Do we have any answer for that?

Reminds me of a story:

One day a farmer’s horse runs away. His neighbor comes over and says, to commiserate, “I am so sorry about your horse.”

And the farmer says “Who knows What’s good or bad?” The neighbor gets confused because that was completely terrible. The horse was the most valuable thing he owned.

But the horse comes back the next day and he brings with him 12 feral horses. The neighbor comes back over to celebrate, “Congratulations on your great fortune!”

And the farmer replies again: “Who knows What’s good or bad?”

The next day the farmer’s son was taming one of the wild horses and he’s thrown and breaks his leg. The neighbor comes back over, “I am so sorry about your son.”

The farmer repeats: “Who knows What’s good or bad?”

Sure enough, the next day the army comes through their village and is conscripting able-bodied young men to go and fight in war, but the son was spared because of his broken leg.

And this story can go on and on and on like that. Good. Bad. Who Knows?

But What’s the point?

Well, the meaning of that story is that the western paradigm in which we label experiences good or bad – is wrong. It’s a false dichotomy. At the very least, this distinction between good and bad is not so clear, it’s rather blurry.

The Taoist have another way symbolize who knows What’s good or bad and it’s in that old hippie chestnut, the Yin and Yang symbol.

We see black and white, right and wrong, good and bad – But it’s Fluid. one is melting into the other, even contained inside the other. These things aren’t contradictory, they are complimentary.

They are two parts of a greater whole. There is just what is. And it’s Good. (And Bad)


Don’t Quit

When things go wrong,

As they sometimes will,

When the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,

When the funds are low and the debts are high,

And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,

When care is pressing you down a bit –

Rest if you must, but don’t you quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns,

As every one of us sometimes learns,

And many a failure turns about

When he might have won had he stuck it out.

Don’t give up though the pace seems slow –

You may succeed with another blow.

Success is failure turned inside out –  

The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,

And you never can tell how close you are,

It may be near when it seems so far;

So stick to the fight when you’re hardest hit

It’s when things seem worst that you mustn’t quit.

Two Initial Faces Of Syrian War.

It all started when a 14 year old school boy sprayed anti government slogans on his school wall in Deraa, Syria. Who would have imagined that such a minor act will lead to a full blown civil war.

Mouawiya Syasneh and Syria’s life has been transformed by that adolescent prank. More than half a million people have been killed in Syria since the start of the war. Syasneh lost his friends and relatives including his father. Syasneh’s home city has been ravaged by street fighting, shelling  and barrel bombing.

In one of his interviews Mouawiya Syasneh admits that if he knew all this will happen, he would have never taunted the country’s president.

Since last 7 years, this deadliest conflict is happening just because of that prank? Was it really the mischievous prank by the adolescent school children that lit the fuse that set a country ablaze?

Does that mean that Syrian citizens are getting killed by there own government for exercising freedom of speech?

The war that started between some school kids and the authority figures has turned out to be the end of humanity in Syria.

Mouawiya Syasneh and Bashar al-assad – Two initial faces of Syrian war.

As far as we talk about Syasneh, that 14 year adolescent is now a young man, who like so many other young men in Deraa, carries a kalashnikov rather than a satchel these days. His own family has paid a dreadful price for the events that followed his actions back in February, 2011.

Talking about Bashar al-assad, how has Syrian president remained in power for so long? The conflict in syria has claimed countless lives and the situation is still volatile.

Today Syria has been swept by multiple terrorist acts. The conflict which was between the government and some protesters, eventually benefited terrorists. Syrian army continues operations against terrorist organizations.

But What about the protesters? There is difference between protesters and terrorists. People of Syria has every right to express themselves or to give there opinions. Bashar al-assad denied that his forces had dropped barrel bombs indiscriminately on rebel-held areas, killing thousands of civilians. He denied that his government blocks access to besieged  areas for relief organisations.

Today Bashar al-assad is fighting against terrorists. He is trying to save his citizens. But the question which haunts me is why Mouawiya Syasneh and the other school kids were treated like the terrorists initially. They were not from any terrorist organizations. They were his very own people.

It wasn’t the fault of this 14 year old boy and his three friends who joined him in that moment of adolescent disobedience. But when they were arrested by the police and tortured in the most horrendous way, a line was crossed from which there was no turning back.

Why they were treated like that? Why their parents were told to forget their children? Why their parent’s were abused?

Post 2011, Bashar al-assad’s actions and decisions are just a mirror image of what a leader does when his authority is challenged.

In Syria, humanity is dying every day, every minute. Syrian government’s war on its own citizens has been going on for too long, and it won’t stop unless the world acts.





A love like her!!



Being a hopeless romantic I have read many love stories till now. I live with romance, emotions in my brain. There are many love stories since history and all of them are immortal. Like Romeo and Juliet, Napoleon and Josephine, Jane Eyre and Rochester, Laila and Majnu, Queen victoria and Prince Albert, Heer and Ranjha and many more.

The story which really touched me, inspired me or you can say just made me fall in love with it is of “Odysseus and Penelope” One of my favorite stories of all time. For me it is the best love story ever.

Penelope was the wife of Greek hero Odysseus. So Penelope waited twenty long years for the final return of her husband during which she devises various strategies to delay marrying one of the 108 suitors. (Ah! A love like this).

The story of the loom symbolizes the queen’s clever tactics.

As the pressure on Penelope to choose a suitor increased, she spent whole days in her room wondering and thinking how to delay the things. Although it was twenty long years but she still wanted to wait for Odysseus. she has devised tricks to delay her suitors, one of which is to pretend by weaving a burial shroud for her father in law and claiming that she will choose a suitor when she has finished. Every night for three long years, she undoes the part of the shroud, until one of her maid discovers this and tell it to all the suitors.

The endless weaving was only the first, Later also she devises a plot to get rid of the suitors, making them string Odysseus’s bow, when everyone knows that only Odysseus can do that. In the end, Odysseus turns to a secret that was theirs alone to convince her of his identity (and it was a happy ending 🙂 )

Despite the years, the distance, the pain, with an act of absolute freedom they come to their bed, their hidden secrets and share their stories with each other in the end.

In today’s era of left and right swipes, this kind of love is hard to find or may be impossible. Nobody forced her to remain faithful to her husband or nobody asked Odysseus to come back to his wife after the war but they both did. The more I think about it, the more I come to appreciate Penelope’s fortitude, intelligence, strength, fidelity and love.  This might be the simple essence of love – their finding each other in absolute freedom and independence. They’ve made free choices about their lives and in that context have found each other again.

Like ethics, love isn’t limited to a specific category.  Whether its Eros, Philia, Ludus, Pragma, Agape or  peaceful, passionate, reassuring, it’s what partners choose to do with their love throughout their relationship that makes the love both true and ethical. Love is defined by the partner’s willingness to choose, to act.


Long as the day in the summer time
Deep as the wine dark sea
I’ll keep my heart with me.
Till you come to me!!


World Adoption Day!!

Parenthood requires love not dna!!

My hope on World adoption day is we should stop viewing adoption as the last resort to build a family. There are so many children in this world who are in need of someone to love and care for them forever. Hope to live in a world with a family for every child ❤




World Adoption Day!!

I always believed that parenthood requires love and not DNA and On World’s adoption day  I’ll share a very beautiful poem written by Teri Harrison. It’s not just a poem for me. Each word, every line is so simple and yet its everything what I feel and crave for ❤ ❤

“Longing for a child to love,
I’d wish upon the stars above.
In my heart I always knew,
A part of me was meant for you.
I think how happy we will be,
Once I adopt you, and you adopt me.
I dream of all the joy you’ll bring,
Imagining even the littlest things.
The way it will feel to hold you tight,
And tuck you in every night.
The drawings on the refrigerator door,
And childhood toys across the floor,
The favorite stories read again and again,
And hours of games with make-believe friends.
The day you took my outstretched hand,
A journey ended, but our lives began.
Still mesmerized by your sweet face,
Still warmed inside by our first embrace.
I promised to give you a happy home,
And a loving family all your own.
A house you’ve now made complete,
With laughter, smiles and tiny feet.
A parent is one who guides the way,
Know I will be there everyday.
Rest easy as each night you sleep,
A lifetime of love is yours to keep.
Longing for a child to love,
I’d wish upon the stars above.
In my heart I always knew,
A part of me belonged to you.”

Reid e Gul!!



Recently while reading about Persian literature, I came across this very beautiful, melodious language. “Pashto” Sometimes spelled pushto or pushtu.

We all know that Music and love has no language. Both can be understood without words.

Reid e gul is a beautiful poem written by “Abdul Ghani khan”. The music of rubab makes it more melodious. (Now I realise why rubab is called “the lion of instruments”)

It shows the uniqueness of poet’s imagination. Its a conversation between the flower and the poet.  A Guy meets beautiful flower. Becomes sad because it is surrounded by what is apparently barren wasteland. The flower smile and reasons that if it were among thousands of other ones in a garden (as in the garden of Iran), no one would stop and notice it . . . as they do in the desert. So the flower says that he’ll not leave dis for gardens of Iran also, which is of course a far better place to be, in people’s perspective.

“The abundance of negativity highlights what little good coexists, and no matter what the surroundings are, how negative or uninspiring they are, if you are selfless, generous and rooted than nothing can dim your shine.”


Lyrics with meaning:


Yawa wraze yao Sahra ke pa khkaar ootay wam rawan
In a desert, once, on a hunt did I find,

Yo Gulab me walar olid prakeda, khaista khanda
With a radiant smile, a flower so fair;

Verse 1:

Yawa wraze yao Sahra ke pa khkaar ootay wam rawan
In a desert, once, on a hunt did I find,

Yo Gulab me walar olid prakeda, khaista khanda
With a radiant smile, a flower so fair;

Za khafa ye khwa la laram, ma wayl ‘Aaah zama pashan
Sadly, I approached and sighed, “Ah! Of my kind

ta hum gul ye bad-naseeba, ruk da zulfo da janan’
Are you too – a hapless flower from a beloved’s hair.

Na da cha nyazbinay gutay naram makh la ba de yaosi
Frail fingers wouldn’t take you to a soft face so close,

Na ba khkul de ki sray shunday, da yar sra nazak labaan
Nor would you be kissed by lips delicate and rose.”

Chorus 1:

Hagha ghalay shan muskay sho, wayl khan maa kawa khafgan
With a silent smile the flower replied, “Don’t lose heart!

Hagha ghalay shan muskay sho, wayl khan maa kawa khafgan
With a silent smile the flower replied, “Don’t lose heart!

Verse 2:

Za ba da sahra war na kram da Iran pa Gulistan
This desert I wouldn’t give up for for the gardens of Iran,

Dalta za yaw ao yak-ta yam, alta zar zama pashan
A solitary I am here while legions are there,

Char chapera speray khaoray, za yawaze yama raokhan
Amidst this cursed soil I stand apart.

Dalta de tor Registan k za da rang ao noor lamba yam
In this gray desert, a flamboyant flame of divine light am I,

Da khaais chapa naghma yam, karishma da laa-makan
Beauty’s silent song, a miracle from the sky.

Chorus 2:

Sta pa bagh ke pa zargunu di gulaab, zama pashan
In your garden, there are thousands of flowers like me

Sta pa bagh ke pa zargunu di gulaab, zama pashan
In your garden, there are thousands of flowers like me

Verse 3:

Dalta de tor Registan k za da rang ao noor lamba yam
In this gray desert, a flamboyant flame of divine light am I,

Da khais chapa naghma yam, karishma da laa-makan
Beauty’s silent song, a miracle from the sky.

Sta pa bagh ke pa zargunu di gulaab, zama pashan
In your garden, there are thousands of flowers like me –

Yao be-numa sur daryab ke yao be-noom saskay rawan
A nameless droplet in a nameless sea.

Ta de hum pa khpal sahra ke khafa mashay zama rora !
You too, in your desert, don’t feel forlorn,

Akhir ra ba shi deedan la de sok saway Ghani Khan..
To behold you at last shall come a sore Ghani Khan.

Chorus 3:

Akhir ra ba shi deedan la de sook saway Ghani Khan
To behold you at last shall come a sore Ghani Khan.

Akhir ra ba shi deedan la de sook saway Ghani Khan
To behold you at last shall come a sore Ghani Khan.




We hear this phrase all the time: ” I want to be free.” If you take the train off the track, it is free, but where does it go? If everyone could make their own traffic laws and drive on any side of the road would you call that freedom or chaos? What is missing is discipline. By observing the rules , we are actually gaining freedom.

Likewise, How and where we derive our happiness from is just as important as the happiness itself. It is result of our values, discipline and responsibility.

We keep hearing “do what you like.”  The reverse is just as true. Like what you do. Many times we need to do what ought to be done whether we like it or not.

A mother comes home after a long day’s work, takes care of the household chores, looks after the baby and goes to sleep exhausted. In the middle of the night the baby cries. Does the mother feel like getting up? No, but she gets up anyway. Why? For love, duty and responsibility.

We can not live our lives by emotions alone. We need to add discipline, no matter what age we are. Peace in life comes when we do not succumb to what we want to do but do what ought to be done 🙂


Actions speak louder than words!!

                                                        Which Loved Best?

“I love you. Mother, ” said little john ;

Then, forgetting his work, his cap went on ,

And he was off to the garden swing ,

And left her the water and wood to bring.

“I love you. Mother,” said rosy Nell-

“I love you better than tongue can tell” ;

Then she teased and pouted full half the day,

Till her mother rejoiced when she went to play.

“I love you, Mother,” said little Fan ;

“Today I’ll help you all I can ;

How glad I am that school doesn’t keep!”

So she rocked the babe till it fell asleep,

Then, stepping softly, she fetched the broom,

And swept the floor and tidied the room;

Busy and happy all day was she,

Helpful and happy as child could be.

“I love you, Mother,” again they said,

Three little children going to bed;

How do you think the mother guessed

Which of them really loved her best?




Acchay waqton ki tamana main rahi umr-e-rawaan
Waqt aisa tha kay bus naaz uthatay guzri
Tujh say kya kehtay teray pass jo aatay guzri
Zindagi khaak na thi khaak uratay guzri
Din jo guzra toh kisi yaad ki ro main guzra
Shaam aayi toh koi khwaab dikhatay guzri
Tujh say kya kehtay teray pass jo aatay guzri!!


Occasionally, very occasionally, say at one o’clock in the night on a lonely Saturday, she feels panic-stricken and almost breathless with loneliness. Once or twice she picked up the phone to check that it isn’t broken. Sometimes she thinks how nice it would be to be woken by a call in the night: ‘get in a taxi now’ or ‘I need to see you, we need to talk’, ‘I miss you’  . But at most of the times she feels like a character in a Muriel Spark novel – independent, bookish, sharp-minded, secretly romantic.

Sometimes you can feel as if a  small portion of your soul is  falling away.


Real over Perfect!!

So while travelling for a while Alice met a co traveler. He tried to talk to her. While Alice was shy and a bit of introvert to some extent, she remembered the advice of S. S told her to be not rigid so she responded back with a hello. While talking to this fellow traveler  whose name was R, she remembered a nursery rhyme…

“Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”

“Is he the one, for whom these words have been written?…thought Alice in her mind :p”

The moment she met S, she told her all about R. R seems to be professionally sound, talks chivalry, goes to church and drinks occasionally (Precisely once in a year)

That’s it… said S. I think you should go out.

But I don’t feel like. There’s nothing which makes me think about R. That whole conversation was a forced one. And you know S, I don’t like forced conversations, forced friendships, forced interactions. I simply do not force things. It makes me uncomfortable.

But you said everything is perfect? said S

Not everything…. R seems perfect. But I am not. I am not perfect with him. And you know me…

“Real over perfect, every single time”

Sometimes you become so complicated Alice!!

Alice Smiled and said not sometimes…most of the times :p ….may be I’ve just read too many novels. In novels imperfect alcoholics are always attractive and funny and charming and complex, like Sebastian Flyte or ABe North in Tender in the night, and they are drinking because of a deep, unquenchable sadness of the soul, or the terrible legacy of the First World War.

whatever it is but they are connected with soul…and that is my weakness.

























If you ever get the chance!!


“What are you going to do with your life?” In one way or another it seemed that people had been asking her this forever; teachers, her parents, friends at three in the morning, but the question had never seemed this pressing and still she was no nearer an answer… “Live each day as if it’s your last’, that was the conventional advice, but really, who had the energy for that? What if it rained or you felt a bit uneasy? It just wasn’t practical. Better by far to be good and courageous and bold and to make difference. Not change the world exactly, but the bit around you. Cherish your friends, stay true to your principles, live passionately and fully and well. Experience new things. Love and be loved, if you ever get the chance!!

Alice and the cheshire cat!!


One day Alice came to a fork in the road and saw a cheshire cat in a tree. Alice was upset  and low. Cheshire cat has known Alice since years. He asked “What happened?, Why are you so sad today? you are such a wise girl”

Alice: I think I don’t fit into this society. Why I just don’t do what other people are doing? Why morals,ethics, principles,character,love are so important to me?, why don’t I just close my eyes and follow my mind blindly. Because with all these things in heart, I am the sufferer most of the time.

And I don’t think that sheer suffering teaches. If suffering alone taught, all the world would be wise. So I don’t think that I am a wise girl.

The Cheshire Cat: yes you are!! Suffering do teaches us, but with mourning,understanding,patience,love,openness and the willingness to remain vulnerable.

You know what your problem is? You are chasing humans who no longer speak the language of love. You often connect with shapes,colors and masks. your words might be louder. But they are silent. Don’t let it go until you become the source of happiness. Your own happiness!! One fine day, you will find what you seeking.

Alice: How easily you understand me every time 🙂

Cheshire Cat: Because I am a part of you!!


Being Sufi


Some Sufis and people think that Sufism requires isolation: to be far from people, to go to the caves, to go to the top of the mountains where you can fill this deep emptiness in a human being’s soul. Absolutely no!

Escaping is not the way to tranquility, but it, the way, is in our souls!!

August Rush!!

From last few years I was thinking to pen down my thoughts but was unable to do so. Office,Travel,Yoga,Ngo,Dance,Movies,Shopping kept me busy.(At least thats what I thought).But all of a sudden I started to feel the urge of putting up all my thoughts on paper as if this paper is somebody who is listening to my each and every word. Routine is same, busy schedules are same but now how come there is plenty of time. I kept thinking this in my mind. It seems time was always there. A hell lot of time was there, but the absence was of feelings.A kind of void was there. But today I am writing all this, does that mean that something has changed? doesn’t seem so. My life is still the same. friends are still the same. Family is still the same.Then what has changed? well that’s something which still i need to figure out. What I know at this point of time is at some days, strange feelings sneak up on you. you know its not one of those regular things or days where you just close your eyes to the world and dream away (well, thats wot i was doing since last few years). Now the world doesn’t disappear. Something has changed inside you but everything around you is just the same. you toss and turn, change the side of the office table, coffee table and of bed at night.

Bountiful is your life, full and complete. Or so you think, until someone comes along and makes you realize what you have been missing all this time. Like a mirror that reflects what is absent rather than present, he shows you the void in your soul—the void you have resisted seeing, And at that very moment, you know it has come back, the strange feeling of emotions,dreams. The dreams that form the very essence of who you are.you feel strange but you don’t hide away because you know yourself, you know you are strong,you know you will gain strength from them, in the years to come and with that very strength you will dream, you will understand life, in more meaningful terms!!








Hie from the sky!!

Here’s my first blog from the clouds. A perfect place to pen down your thoughts.

Neither on earth, nor on sky :p

Never thought that this place will be my first chamber to express my thoughts.

With all the stupidities in my head, its 1a.m. Time to land.

Its been only 3 hours and dad has called me multiple times.
Oh! let me tell you about my dad first.

I know each and everyone know how much our dads love us, there’s nothing new to it. But there are very few who stand with you.Who treat you as there friend and believes in you more than the world. He is one of them.
The moment I’ll go out, he’ll be there waiting for me, with all the concern and love in his eyes.




So for now tada!!
There’s much more to this story.
Will talk about it soon
Till then